The man, the myth, the legend




Hey! Welcome to my profile. I'm a fortyish fella with a bunch of interests including those listed on the front page. Reading cultural theory and media studies, satiating my cartophilia, skillfully practising kinbakubi and capturing B&W photography fill out the list. I created this landing page for visitors to have an easy jump off point to the many places I reside on the Open Web.

Wait..the Open Web you say? What's that? I'll put this delicately: It's most everything outside of Facebook and Twitter. Sure, plenty of sites exist behind paywalls. But places like Mastodon, Diaspora and Pnut comprise a few of the corners on the Internet that still believe secure, open-source API, not using people as advertising fodder, and unfiltered but friendly communication. Today's daily discourse has become a hyper-polarised debate, a juvenile attention-seeking playground. But it doesn't have to be. Come join me in the fun that still exists on the Open Web!

Not quite ready yet? Drop me a line at my email. We'll talk. :)

Quote Of the Month

To be comfortable is to be so at ease with one’s environment that it is hard to distinguish where one’s body ends and the world begins. One fits, and by fitting, the surfaces of bodies disappear from view. The disappearance of the surface is instructive: in feelings of comfort, bodies extend into spaces, and spaces extend into bodies. The sinking feeling involves a seamless space, or a space where you can’t see the ‘stitches’ between bodies.Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion

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